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"Stratopos is omnichannel retail software. Your Point of Sale (POS), website and inventory management run in harmony"



Running a retail store or chain of stores is a full time job. How to you also run a great website without having to hire a dedicated website manager? The answer is Stratopos. Our singular piece of cloud software does both. No complicated integration is required between your stores and your website. One system, one solution.


Easy and intuitive for staff to learn
Create and manage multiple stores
Unlimited checkout lanes
Full barcode scanning functionality
Powerful selling features
Advanced pricing levels & strategies
Product pictures used in conjunction with all stock transactions
Full ecommerce website
Powerful, fast and reliable
Shows live stock levels
Runs your webiste from the stock in all or your stores
All website management can be done by the owner or manager.
Ongoing Search Engine Optimation
Reduce shrinkage: Stock levels cannot be manipulated by dishonest staff
Track inventory and Cost of Goods Sold in Stratopos
Only pass daily summaries to your accouting software, not every transaction


"Toyplanet desperately needed a system to link our POS and website. We have been amazed that the front counter staff at our 3 stores can now run our website. Our staff are thrilled because they don't have to wait for management to update products or availability. They just get on with it and do it themselves! Everything in the stores is available online as soon as it arrives. I certainly don't miss the late nights trying to catch up. - Brilliant!"


- Toyplanet, Auckland, New Zealand